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Welcome to Oakdene Hollins. We are a research and consulting company working with business in several sectors to support change toward more sustainable and less carbon-intensive products, processes, services and supply chains.

We offer 10 core services (see right) and employ people qualified in the disciplines of science, economics, business administration and manufacturing. We operate at a European scale and manage the Ecolabel scheme in the UK in collaboration with TÜV SÜD.

Oakdene Hollins runs the Centre for Remanufacturing and Reuse.


Within each industry sector, Oakdene Hollins has expert knowledge where we employ science-based disciplines to deliver research and consultancy projects within a number of key services

Market Appraisal
We offer cross discipline teams combining specialist technical staff with economists and input from a business leader. We write reports that are technically robust for audiences in the investment community and senior management.
Technology Appraisal
Within the clean tech, wastes management, chemicals, metals and nanotechnology sectors we offer specialist staff to provide evaluation and comparative studies.
Protocol and Standards Development
Without agreed standards and protocols pricing is difficult, transaction costs higher and investors wary. We bring industry stakeholders together, sometimes from across a supply chain, to develop protocols and new standards that improve markets.
Economic Modelling
An element of many of our market and technology appraisal services, we design and deliver economic models that summarise the impacts of changes in variables such as price, taxes, costs and scale efficiencies. Wherever possible we deliver models in common applications to enable clients to test the underlying assumptions and scenarios.
Lean Manufacturing Projects
Lean manufacturing techniques provide a framework that informs much of our work. We promote performance measurement and benchmarking with industry best practice as key themes of many lean projects and can provide the tools and specialist production staff to advise and lead process improvement.
Financial Impact Assessment
Proposals to change regulation can impact whole industry sectors. We provide analysis of these impacts to support trade associations and their member companies when proposals are being developed.
Management of Research Projects
Since 1995 we have provided technical staff to manage, monitor and evaluate research projects, often those involving collaboration between universities, supply chain companies and a principal funder in the UK or in Europe. Examples include working with ASDA to manage the installation of five self-service refillable retailing systems for fabric conditioner and measuring the business and environmental outcomes of the project. Elsewhere, we provide highly qualified and experienced staff to monitor the management of research projects on behalf of the TSB (Technology Strategy Board).
Ecolabelling Advice
The Europe-wide Ecolabel is being promoted as an independently assessed assurance of eco credentials. The technical evaluation is often detailed and complex; our aim is to assist companies with environmentally positive products and services to understand and meet the requirements. The number of products and services being assessed by our staff as suitable is growing every month. Get in touch if you have a product or service that could qualify.
Carbon Footprinting
In an assessment of the CO2 emissions (and the equivalent global warming gases) of products and services, we provide written analysis using data derived from SimaPro and product specific data defined by ISO standards.
Critical Review of Life Cycle Assessments
We have provided chairmanship and expertise to numerous critical review panels for Life Cycle Assessments. We offer staff trained in the use of SimaPro software and inventory and have particular strengths in the interpretation of impact assessments.


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Oakdene Hollins is registered to EMS ISO 14001:2004. The international standard that specifies a process for controlling and improving an organisation's environmental performance